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Elevate Your Merchandising Game with NAFCOOL™ 28" Open Air Grab and Go Refrigerator

NAFCOOL 28" Commercial Refrigerator


Elevate Your Merchandising Game with NAFCOOL™ 28" Open Air Grab and Go Refrigerator


The NAFCOOLTM 28" Open Air Merchandiser exemplifies the epitome of commercial refrigeration, seamlessly blending aesthetics and practicality. This refrigerated air curtain merchandiser showcases your grab-and-go items in an aesthetically pleasing manner while maintaining the optimal temperature.

Entrepreneurs that prioritise both efficiency and elegance will consider it an optimal selection. This detailed guide will explain why the NAFCOOLTM 28" is the optimal solution for businesses seeking to improve their product displays. This will be achieved by examining the product's dimensions, characteristics, and advantages.

I. Dimensions and Capacity

Space-Efficient Brilliance

The NAFCOOLTM 28" Open Air Merchandiser has dimensions of 27.5 inches in length, 28.5 inches in width, and 80.5 inches in height, making it a space-efficient option. This feature is particularly advantageous for businesses that have varied layout needs.

Despite its compact size, it boasts an impressive capacity of 10.66 cubic feet, allowing ample area to display a diverse range of grab-and-go products.

This merchandiser is specifically intended to optimise the utilisation of your display space while preserving the valuable area you have for selling cold bottled beverages or pre-packaged meals.

II. Temperature Precision and Eco-Friendly Refrigeration

Chill with Confidence

Ensuring that your valuables are kept at the optimal temperature is crucial, and the NAFCOOLTM 28" guarantees the precise achievement of this objective.

Your products will be maintained at a consistently cold temperature, ranging from 35 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit (2 to 8 degrees Celsius), ensuring their quality and freshness is preserved.

This company's dedication to the conservation of the natural environment distinguishes them from other merchants. It complies with the latest sustainability laws by employing the R290 refrigerant, which has a lower environmental impact.

This option, with a global warming potential of three and a disposal rate of zero, demonstrates the corporation's dedication to environmental preservation.

III. Outstanding Presentation

Let Your Products Shine

The NAFCOOLTM 28" serves not only as a refrigerator but also as a display stand. You may effectively display your products by utilising LED lighting, which offers excellent and brilliant illumination.

Upon observing your merchandise showcased in the attractive lightbox, it becomes impossible to overlook. Including glass sides, which improve visibility, creates an aesthetically pleasing display that draws in customers.

This presentation is beautiful for customers. The four coated steel shelves provided are fully adjustable and have a maximum weight limit of 77 pounds apiece, ensuring secure and organised display and storage of your belongings.

IV. Digital Controls and Night Cover

Efficiency Meets Convenience

By utilising the digital controls of the merchandiser, which streamline its functioning, you can easily monitor and adjust the temperature within the merchandiser. If your belongings have precise temperature requirements, you can easily store them within a temperature range of 33 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

An automated defrost cycle included within the appliance provides notable time and energy savings by eliminating the requirement for manual defrosting. Energy conservation can be achieved by using a night cover during non-operational hours, enhancing operational efficiency.

V. Perforated Back Panel and Ventilation

Optimized Airflow for Energy Efficiency

Every NAFCOOLTM product was meticulously created, focusing on functionality as the foremost factor. Due to a perforated back panel, the gadget allows for efficient air circulation, making it ideal for cooling beverages and meals.

This arrangement not only reduces energy consumption but also enhances refrigeration efficiency. The perforated back panel of the merchandiser ensures that no obstacles hinder its performance, even when fully loaded. This allows the merchandiser to operate consistently and effectively.

VI. Durable Construction and Easy Maintenance

Built to Last, Easy to Care for

The NAFCOOLTM 28" Open Air Merchandiser demonstrates exceptional durability, meeting the rigorous standards of comparable commercial appliances. Constructed with coated steel on both the surface and interior, this item is highly durable and can resist the rigours of a busy commercial setting.

The foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation enhances the structural integrity but also aids in regulating the interior temperatures to ensure a comfortable environment. In situations when there is an excessive accumulation of condensation, a drain is included as an alternative.

Additionally, the drain pan heater aids in the gradual evaporation of the condensation. Thanks to its casters, the unit can be effortlessly detached from the wall to facilitate maintenance and cleaning.

VII. Warranty Options

Peace of Mind for Your Investment

The NAFCOOLTM 28" Open Air Merchandiser includes a standard warranty plan that provides three years of coverage for the compressor and two years for all other parts. The warranty package additionally provides coverage for the compressor.

Entrepreneurs may opt to acquire supplementary warranty coverage for their refrigeration equipment to enhance the level of protection provided to those assets. The availability of additional warranty options signifies the manufacturer's assurance of the reliability and longevity of the merchandiser.

The NAFCOOLTM 28" Open Air Merchandiser distinguishes itself in the grab-and-go market by seamlessly integrating form and function, setting it apart from its competitors.

This merchandiser is advantageous for any firm seeking to showcase their products in a compelling and visually appealing way. This option suits convenience stores, delis, and similar companies.

The NAFCOOLTM 28" is an advanced refrigeration system that integrates precise chilling, eco-friendly techniques, and an impressive display to enhance your merchandising to a higher standard. NAFCOOLTM may elevate your grab-and-go things to a whole new level.