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Elevate Your Business with the NAFCOOL™ Open Air Merchandiser Grab (20.3 Cubic Ft)

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Elevate Your Business with the NAFCOOL™ Open Air Merchandiser Grab (20.3 Cubic Ft)


The NAFCOOL Open Air Merchandiser Grab (20.3 Cubic Ft) exemplifies convenience, sophistication, and ease of use in the highly competitive retail market, where a positive initial impression is crucial.

This merchandiser refrigerator will revolutionise how businesses showcase food and beverages, aiming to boost sales. This document provides an in-depth examination of the specifications, characteristics, and advantages of the NAFCOOL Grab-and-Go Merchandiser Refrigerator.

This refrigerator is a valuable addition for businesses seeking to boost sales, such as coffee shops, grocery stores, gas stations, and other enterprises.

I. Dimensions and Capacity

Space for Spontaneous Purchases

The NAFCOOL Grab-and-Go Merchandiser has dimensions of 45.7 inches in length, 32.5 inches in width, and 81.5 inches in height. The object's capacity is 415 litres, equal to 14.66 cubic feet.

This spacious area is well-suited for a diverse range of food and drinks, including delectable desserts and beverages and refreshing salads and sandwiches.

The store's expansive and easily accessible frontage attracts clients, encouraging them to make impulsive purchases before exiting, so maximising goods emphasis.

This is because the attention is directed towards the goods, ensuring maximum emphasis.

II. Commercial Display Excellence

High Impact, Interchangeable Graphics

If you are searching for a business display box guaranteed to grab attention, there is no need to search beyond the NAFCOOL Merchandiser.

Businesses can readily customise their displays by substituting them with high-impact billboard graphics, as these visuals are easily replaceable and do not require specialised skills.

The top LED canopy serves a dual purpose: attracting customers and enhancing brand recognition among users.

The current curving design of the equipment framework will let you showcase your belongings optimally, combining visual beauty and user-friendliness.

This merchandiser complies with the required safety and hygiene standards as it has received clearance from the ETL and the NSF.

III. Built to Last

Durable Construction for Long-Term Investment

The NAFCOOL Merchandiser is a long-lasting investment in quality that is highly valuable. The outside and interior finishes of the product are made from durable black-coated cold-rolled steel that is resistant to peeling or chipping.

Both of these finishes consist of cold-rolled steel. The outside is embellished with painted cold steel sheets, giving it a sense of sophisticated beauty.

The use of a galvanised sheet on the interior guarantees its durability. By acquiring this merchandiser, you are effectively making a strategic investment in your firm's future.

IV. Energy Efficiency

Sustainable and Cost-Effective Operation

The NAFCOOL Merchandiser is an excellent choice for modern enterprises because of its high energy efficiency. The dynamic LED lighting in the vehicle not only reduces energy consumption significantly but also effectively highlights the surroundings.

The retailer has received the Energy Efficiency Approval seal for complying with the Department of Energy (DOE) requirements and the Energy-related Products Directive (ERP).

The dedication to energy conservation has a positive effect not only on the environment but also on operational expenses.

V. Eco-Friendly Refrigeration

Environmentally Responsible Cooling

The NAFCOOL Merchandiser takes great pride in its environmentally sensitive refrigeration system. Because it is a self-contained system and utilises the ecologically beneficial R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant, it aligns with sustainability objectives.

The R290 refrigerant, with a global warming potential (GWP) of less than three, does not cause any threat to the ozone layer.

By using this specific merchandiser, businesses support environmental conservation and benefit from reliable cooling.

VI. Fast Cooling and Self-Cleaning

Preserving Freshness with Precision

When preserving perishable things, it is essential to cool and adequately sanitise them rapidly. Each NAFCOOL Merchandiser has a self-cleaning condenser with reversible ECM fan motors as a standard feature.

As a result of this feature, the burden of performing manual maintenance is diminished while simultaneously extending the unit's lifespan.

By employing temperature control, businesses can choose the ideal settings for preserving food and beverages, which typically range from 33 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

For the merchandiser to operate well, it must maintain a temperature below 75 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius) and relative humidity below 55%.

VII. Warranty Options

Protecting Your Investment

The NAFCOOL Grab-and-Go Merchandiser is accompanied by a basic warranty package that provides three years of coverage for the compressor, as well as two years of coverage for the remaining components.

Organisations seeking to prolong their protection can choose to acquire supplementary warranty packages or optional labour.

The company offers various warranty options to guarantee that businesses may have confidence in the durability and reliable performance of their refrigeration investment over an extended period.

The NAFCOOL Open Air Merchandiser Grab (20.3 cubic Feet) is a standout option for grab-and-go merchandising. It has a practical size, attractive design, and ecologically friendly construction, making it an all-inclusive choice.

Consider investing in a refrigeration unit that meets modern energy efficiency and environmental standards while also showcasing the expertise and style your organisation is renowned for.

The advantages of NAFCOOL go beyond just cooling; they signify a commitment to the ongoing prosperity of your organisation in the long term.

Select the NAFCOOL Grab-and-Go Merchandiser if you desire to revolutionise how you showcase and market essential items for your firm.