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OFC 78‘’ Open Air Merchandiser Grab and Go Refrigerator: Redefining Merchandising Excellence

Open Air Merchandiser Grab and Go Refrigerator


OFC 78‘’ Open Air Merchandiser Grab and Go Refrigerator: Redefining Merchandising Excellence

Unveiling a Merchandising Marvel: OFC 78‘’ Open Air Merchandiser

The OFC 78-inch Open Air Merchandiser is a prominent representation of style, efficiency, and innovation in the ever-changing field of commercial refrigeration.

The immense dimensions of this refrigeration apparatus, its state-of-the-art functionalities, and its dedication to ecological stewardship will render it impracticable for enterprises to market or exhibit their merchandise similarly.

Participate in our exploration of the OFC 78'' as we dismantle it into its constituent elements and reveal how it transforms the notion of portable refrigeration.

I. Dimensions and Capacity

Spacious Showcase for Maximum Impact

The OFC 78" is not only a refrigerator but also offers a significant space for advertising. The dimensions of the merchandiser are 78.74 inches in length, 31.5 inches in width, and 83.46 inches in height.

The volume of this item is 1020 litres or 36.02 cubic feet, which is quite impressive. Businesses could utilise this ample space to showcase their vast array of fresh food offerings, such as salads, sandwiches, desserts, and beverages.

II. Commercial Display Case Excellence

Captivating Visuals and Branding

The presence of captivating billboard graphics on the OFC 78' will enhance your firm's exposure. This merchandiser distinguishes itself from the competitors due to its tool-free adjustable graphics feature.

These graphics facilitate firms in customising their store displays. The primary LED canopy, serving as a prominent signal, captivates clients and aids in their identification of the brand. The spacious and accessible entrance allows for easy and comfortable access, maximising the merchandise's visibility.

The equipment's clean and contemporary form and user-friendly interface enhance the display effects by keeping the products at the forefront of attention.

Furthermore, the OFC 78'' has obtained the esteemed ETL and NSF certifications, guaranteeing its safety and compliance with established standards.

III. Built to Last

Enduring Quality for Long-Term Investment

Due to its durable characteristics, the OFC 78'' is highly recommended for those seeking a refrigeration unit with long-term investment potential.

These attributes render it a commendable selection. The product's durability is emphasised by exterior and interior finishes, achieved through cold-rolled steel that is either chip black-coated or non-peeling.

The outer surface is coated with a painted cold steel sheet, which serves the dual purpose of offering extra safeguarding and imparting a refined and polished appearance to the building.

The galvanised sheet inner finishing not only enhances the overall durability of the merchandiser but also makes it suitable for commercial applications that demand high capacity and strength.

IV. Energy Efficiency

Illuminating Products with Minimal Energy Consumption

The OFC 78'' represents the latest advancement in energy-efficient refrigeration technology and is currently available for sale.

In addition, the dynamic interior LED lighting not only significantly decreases energy use but also enhances the visual attractiveness of the products.

The merchandiser derives immense gratification from the Energy Efficiency Approved certificates it has acquired and strictly conforms to the ErP Directive, showcasing their unwavering commitment to environmental preservation.

Businesses can reduce operational costs and contribute to environmental preservation by utilising the OFC 78''.

V. Eco-Friendly Refrigeration

Responsible Cooling Choices

The OFC 78'' is at the forefront of eco-friendly refrigeration since it operates on a self-contained system utilising the hydrocarbon refrigerant R290, known for its exceptional environmental safety.

This refrigerant possesses a zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of three, the lowest possible number.

By opting to utilise the OFC 78'' for their refrigeration needs, enterprises can make a positive impact on global enhancement.


VI. Fast Cooling and Self-Cleaning

Preserving Freshness with Precision

The OFC 78'' is the optimal choice for preserving perishable items' freshness because of its exceptional cleaning capabilities and rapid cooling ability.

The self-cleaning condenser is operated by reversible ECM fan motors, which minimises the need for human maintenance and guarantees a longer lifespan for the device.

By utilising a programmable thermostat, organisations can accurately ascertain the ideal temperature range, often between 44 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, for effectively preserving food and beverages.

The optimal operating conditions for the merchandiser are temperatures below 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) and relative humidity levels around 55%.

VII. Warranty Options

Protecting Your Investment

The OFC 78'' Open Air Merchandiser has a standard warranty plan that provides comprehensive coverage for all parts for two years and the compressor for three years.

We offer optional labour or additional warranty packages to accommodate the diverse requirements of different businesses.

Due to the manufacturer's dedication to providingproviding such a high level of adaptability, businesses may have confidence that their investment in refrigeration will endure for a significant period.

Lastly, the OFC 78" Open Air Merchandiser Grab and Go Refrigerator sets a new standard for exceptional marketing.

The refrigeration unit's modern appearance is attributed to its roomy interior, eye-catching display components, sturdy build, and devotion to sustainability.

If you seek a refrigeration system that offers more than just cooling, the OFC 78'' is ideal. It fundamentally transforms how firms showcase and market their products.

The OFC 78's innovative and reliable design will revolutionise your merchandising strategy, setting new standards for portable refrigeration.