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NAFCOOL™ FDF16CF Horizontal Freezer: Revolutionizing Frozen Storage with Style and Sustainability

Commercial Refrigerator NAFCOOL


NAFCOOL™ FDF16CF Horizontal Freezer: Revolutionizing Frozen Storage with Style and Sustainability


Modern customers are looking for household appliances that are functional, space-efficient, ecologically friendly, and seamlessly integrate these features.

The NAFCOOL FDF16CF Horizontal Freezer is a strong contender in the frozen storage solutions market because it offers a unique combination of reliability, innovation, and environmental awareness.

I. Unmatched Dimensions and Design:

The NAFCOOL FDF16CF is notable for its imposing dimensions of 50.20 inches in length, 26.57 inches in width, and 32.68 inches in height.

This horizontal freezer not only serves as a storage unit but also as an aesthetically pleasing appliance that complements any residence's design.

Although the outside is compact, the interior of this freezer is capacious enough to meet all your frozen food storage needs.

Because of its compact size, this appliance is beneficial for garages, kitchens, and any other place where preserving perishable items in a frozen form is essential.

II. Precision Temperature Control:

A freezer's primary purpose is to preserve the quality and freshness of frozen meals and their derivatives. The FDF16CF energetically embraces a role with a temperature range from -18 °C to 0°C (-0.4°F to 32°F).

This freezer provides ideal conditions for maintaining the taste, consistency, and nutritious content of meats, veggies, and delicious frozen desserts.

It achieves this by ensuring accurate temperature and humidity levels. The food you freeze will stay fresh due to precise temperature control.

III. Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Operation:

The NAFCOOL design concept prioritises ecological responsibility and energy efficiency. The FDF16CF is highly energy-efficient and can effectively cool at 115V with a frequency of 60Hz.

The firm's usage of the ecologically benign refrigerant R290 demonstrates its commitment to minimising environmental harm.

R290 is an environmentally appropriate choice for consumers focused on sustainability due to its minimal impact on the ozone layer and low potential for contributing to global warming. The refrigerant in question is a hydrocarbon.

IV. Dependable Warranty Coverage:

Buying a household appliance like the NAFCOOL FDF16CF includes a complete warranty package from the manufacturer, providing peace of mind.

With a comprehensive two-year warranty covering all components, you can rest assured that your investment is protected.

An outstanding compressor warranty lasting three years ensures reliable and consistent functioning for an extended period. This warranty demonstrates the brand's confidence in the product's durability and longevity.

V. Why Choose the NAFCOOL™ FDF16CF Horizontal Freezer?

  1. Ample Storage Space:
  2. The FDF16CF redefines the meaning of spacious with its interior dimensions of 50.20''x26.57''x32.68'', providing abundant room for all your frozen necessities. Whether you have a large family or prefer to stock up during sales, this freezer has you covered.
  3. Optimal Freshness:
  4. The temperature range of -18°C to 0°C is not just a number; it's a commitment to maintaining optimal freshness. Your frozen goods are not just stored; they are preserved at the peak of their quality.
  5. Energy-Efficient Operation:
  6. Operating at 115V 60Hz, the FDF16CF strikes the perfect balance between powerful cooling and energy efficiency. This ensures that your utility bills stay manageable while enjoying the benefits of a well-cooled freezer.
  7. Eco-Friendly Refrigerant:
  8. The use of R290 as a refrigerant is a standout feature, aligning with NAFCOOL™'s commitment to sustainable practices. R290 is a hydrocarbon refrigerant with minimal environmental impact, making it a responsible choice for the eco-conscious consumer.
  9. Comprehensive Warranty:
  10. Quality assurance is a priority for NAFCOOL™, evident in the two-year parts warranty and the extended three-year compressor warranty. This extensive coverage reflects the brand's dedication to customer satisfaction and confidence in the durability of their product.


The NAFCOOL FDF16CF Horizontal Freezer offers an environmentally friendly, visually appealing, and technologically advanced option for frozen storage.

It is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers because of its compactness, precise temperature control, operational efficacy, and warranty coverage.

Introducing the NAFCOOL FDF16CF, a frozen food storage solution that combines innovation and style. It is time to order if you want to change how you keep frozen items.

This will enable you to benefit from the convenience of high-quality storage solutions customised to your preferences.

This horizontal freezer is not simply a household appliance but an enhancement to one's lifestyle that seamlessly blends design and functionality.