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MBF8505GR - The Ideal Glass Door Refrigerator for Modern Spaces

MBF8505GR Glass Door Refrigerator


MBF8505GR - The Ideal Glass Door Refrigerator for Modern Spaces



Over the past few decades, much research and development has gone into making freezers better in terms of how they look, how well they work, and how easy they are to use. We have made much progress this time, and the MBF8505GR glass door refrigerator is a great example.

This foam door refrigerator is a reliable and stylish choice for many settings, such as business and residential kitchens, thanks to its good cooling abilities and nice look. By looking at the MBF8505GR in its entirety, this article will show why it is the best choice for anyone seeking a refrigerator that combines good looks with usefulness and dependability.

Key Features and Specifications


Total Net Capacity

When buying a refrigerator, you should consider how much space it has. The MBF8505GR can hold 21 cubic feet of things, storing many different things, like food and drinks. The interior is very roomy, so you can store many things without worrying about how they fit or who can get to them. The MBF8505GR is the best drawer organiser for storing many food and drinks for a big family, putting together drink supplies for a party, or keeping your business's goods in order.

Efficient Cooling System

The MBF8505GR has fan-assisted cooling technology, the most effective way to cool a computer. You should make sure that every refrigerator has this vital part. With the help of cutting-edge cooling technology, the inside is always a suitable temperature.

This technology eliminates hotspots and ensures that temps are kept the same everywhere. The fan's job is to spread the cool air out evenly, keeping the room at the right temperature to keep everything fresh and high-quality. This feature is beneficial in business settings, where keeping the cooling system stable is essential for keeping the quality of the products.

Condensing System

The refrigerator's condensing system has a fan, as shown by the letter "F" in the description. This technology suits the economy and the environment because it makes cooling more efficient and uses less energy. The fan-assisted condensing technology in the refrigerator makes it work well in warmer weather by spreading the heat around the refrigeration unit. This is very important in business settings where the fridge will likely be opened frequently, causing temperature changes.

Climate Class

The MBF8505GR is in Climate Class N because it works best in temperatures between +18 and +32 degrees Celsius, considering the temperature of its surroundings. This ensures that the performance stays the same no matter what the outside temperature is, and it also makes it suitable for many different situations. Because it can cool things down to the proper temperature range, the fridge can be used safely in any business, school, or home setting.


Several reputable bodies, such as CE, ISO9001/2, and LGA approvals, have confirmed the MBF8505GR's quality. People can be sure that this product will last a long time because it has these awards that prove its high quality, safety features, and compliance with international standards. You can be sure that the refrigerator will keep working well for a long time because it has credentials that show it meets strict quality and safety standards of manufacture. These papers show that the fridge has been tested many times.

Automatic Defrosting

The MBF8505GR puts the customer's ease first by letting you set it to defrost itself. If you want to make your refrigerator work better, you can save time and effort by not having to thaw food by hand. Frost and ice buildup can make cooling less effective and increase energy use; automatic defrosting helps keep this from happening as much as possible. To keep the MBF8505GR's cooling performance stable and reduce the needed upkeep, frost can be kept from building up inside it.

Eco-Friendly Coolant

The present rules for the environment allow R290 to be used as the coolant for the MBF8505GR. This environmentally friendly refrigerant is the best choice for people who care about the environment and want to reduce pollution while still getting good cooling. Propane, sometimes called R290, is a traditional refrigerant that uses less energy and has a lower global warming potential (GWP) than other traditional refrigerants. Using R290, the MBF8505GR can reduce its effect on the environment and actively work towards a more sustainable future.

High-Quality Insulation

In addition, the foamy parts of the refrigerator are made of cyclopentane, which makes the refrigerator even better at keeping heat in. This will reduce heat loss, lower power use, and improve the device's performance. A hydrocarbon called cyclopentane is a chemical that is safe for the environment and very good at shielding. In addition, it makes the refrigerator work better and uses less energy by keeping the temperature inside the device steady, even when the temperature is raised.

Voltage and Power

According to its specifications, the MBF8505GR power source can handle 250W of input power and runs on 110V at 60Hz. Because of these features, it works with most electrical devices. This ensures it cools well without overworking the electricity systems it is connected to. The refrigerator is a cost-effective choice for both homes and businesses because it operates with less energy. This design cuts down on power use without affecting the cooling system's performance.

Energy Consumption Class

The MBF8505GR model cares about the earth and uses little energy. By doing these things, consumers can lessen their effects on the environment and save money on their monthly energy bills. This refrigerator uses cutting-edge cooling and insulation technologies to use as little energy as possible. This makes it both cost-effective and good for the environment.

Robust Door Design

The outside door of the MBF8505GR is sixty millimetres thick, which makes it more robust and better insulated. The painting symbol and the modern style of the door work together to make a beautiful focal point. The house's strong door and high thermal insulation will help keep the temperature stable and lower your monthly energy bills. The door is great for places with many people because it is built to last and can handle regular use.

Visibility and Accessibility

The MBF8505GR features a solitary glass door that allows easy visibility of the contents without frequent opening, resulting in energy and cost savings. The door frame is constructed from SUS430, a durable material that guarantees long-lasting functionality. One can readily and effortlessly observe the refrigerator's contents by peering through the transparent glass door. This feature also contributes to energy cost savings by reducing the duration of open doors.

Interior Durability

The fridge inside has walls made of SUS304, a well-known material that is very durable and resistant to rust for a long time. This strong material not only ensures that the appliance lasts a long time, but also keeps things kept clean. The grade of stainless steel called SUS304 is very good at resisting stains and corrosion, which makes it perfect for use in kitchen appliances like freezers. With this feature, which is easy to clean, keeping the fridge germ-free and clean is simple.

LED Lighting

Because it has internal LED lighting, the MBF8505GR makes its contents accessible even in poorly lit rooms. It is known that LED lighting uses less energy, which makes the already very energy-efficient refrigerator design even better. LED lights inside the fridge give off even light, which makes it easier to see what is inside and, in the end, saves electricity. In order to do this, the time the door is open is cut down.

Adjustable Thermostat

The MBF8505GR's electronic thermostat lets you precisely control the temperature, which makes it an excellent choice for saving a wide range of foods and drinks. This choice works well for things that need to be recycled quickly. The automatic thermostat is a precise and reliable control system that ensures the fridge always stays at the temperature you set.

Copper Tube Evaporator

The evaporator in the fridge works better and lasts longer because it is made with copper tubes. Copper can cool every part of a building quickly and evenly because it conducts heat very well. The copper tube condenser in the MBF8505GR makes it a reliable and practical choice for cooling. It helps keep the temperature stable and improves the system's cooling.

Accurate Temperature Monitoring

The Dixell thermometer built into the MBF8505GR makes it possible to give accurate temperature readings. Customers can keep an eye on things and change the settings to find the best conditions for storing their things. People can be sure that the Dixell thermometer always keeps foods at the right temperature for long-term storage, which gives them peace of mind.


The MBF8505GR is very flexible because it has wheels on the back. You can quickly put it wherever you need it. The feature that makes the fridge portable is especially useful in business settings where the fridge is often moved around. Use the refrigerator's rear wheels to put it in the most accessible and helpful spot. These wheels make it easy to move and make changes as needed.

Organized Storage

The MBF8505GR comes with three shelves made of clear plastic. You can put different things on these shelves neatly. The shelves will likely last long because they are solid and easy to clean. Because the shelves are clear, you can quickly and easily put things where you want them and see what is inside the fridge. Not only are these pieces easy to take off and clean, but they also keep the fridge clean and germ-free.


The guarantee covers the parts of the MBF8505GR for three years, and the compressor is covered for five years. By giving this guarantee, the company shows that they are serious about ensuring the quality and durability of their products. Because the warranty is extended, buyers can be sure that their money is safe and that the fridge will work reliably for many more years.

Product Benefits

Using less energy

The MBF8505GR sticks out because it is designed to use less energy. Using the R290 refrigerant and advanced cooling and condensing technologies cuts down on energy use by a significant amount, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice. Because it is energy-efficient, this refrigerator is an excellent choice for people who care about the environment because it lowers running costs and has less of an effect on the environment.

Accessibility and help

The MBF8505GR was made to be as simple and easy to use as possible. Its automatic defrosting feature and programmable electronic temperature are two examples of this. People can fully enjoy the benefits of their refrigerator without any fears or reservations thanks to these features that make it easy to use and keep up. The refrigerator's simple design makes it easy to keep it in perfect working order and continually cools effectively. The shape also makes it easy to change the settings and monitor how the refrigerator works.

Increased vulnerability to possible dangers

The LED lights and single glass door make it easy to see what is inside the fridge. This saves energy because the door stays open for shorter periods because things are easy to find and get to. By making it possible to see what is inside the fridge without opening the door, you can save electricity and improve the appliance.

Construction that lasts

SUS304 is used for the inside walls of the MBF8505GR, and SUS430 is used for the door frame. This makes sure that the product is built to last. The refrigerator can be used regularly in home and business settings because it is made of high-quality materials. The robust design of the refrigerator ensures that it will work steadily for a long time, which increases its lifespan.

Adaptability and the ability to move

The rear wheels on the MBF8505GR make it easier to move and reposition, which increases the vehicle's total mobility. This feature is beneficial when room and layout change quickly, like when things are constantly changing. The mobile fridge can be put in the most handy and easy-to-reach place. This makes it more useful and valuable overall.

The Cool Look

With its modern look, painted name, and unique door shape, the MBF8505GR is an excellent addition to any intelligent area. The refrigerator can improve the look of any room, whether it is a modern kitchen or a professional office. With its sleek and modern design, the MBF8505GR can be used in various settings and looks good in any room.

Technical Data and Dimensions

Voltage and Frequency

The standard voltages of 110V and 60Hz make the MBF8505GR work with most home and business power systems. Because the refrigerator works electrically, it can be easily added to electrical systems already in place without any changes being made.

Input Power

It takes up to 250W of power to run the MBF8505GR, a high-performance and energy-efficient chiller. The refrigerator is a cost-effective choice for both homes and businesses because it operates with less energy. This design cuts down on power use without affecting the cooling system's performance.

Noise Level

Because it makes no more than fifty decibels of noise, the MBF8505GR is sure to make a quiet space. As a result, it is an excellent choice for places with little noise, like offices or homes. The refrigerator is an excellent choice for places where quiet is valued because it works at a shallow decibel level, ensuring it does not bother anyone.

Door and Handle Design

The single-form door on the refrigerator is very durable and does a great job of keeping heat in. It is sixty mm thick on the outside. The construction of the outside handle makes it possible to quickly and easily get to the fridge's innards. The door and the handle are made to last, so they are suitable for places with a lot of foot traffic.

Shelving and Storage

The three clear plastic shelves that come with the MBF8505GR are each 540 millimetres wide and 595 millimetres deep. Not only are these shelves easy to clean and keep up, but they are also great for keeping things in order. Because the shelves are clear, you can quickly and easily put things where you want them and see what is inside the fridge. There is no need to worry about germs or dirt in the fridge because these parts are easy to remove and clean.

Interior and Exterior Dimensions

The outside measurements of the MBF8505GR are 686 mm x 821 mm x 2117 mm. The measurements of the thing are 1529 millimetres in height, 680 millimetres in width, and 566 millimetres in depth. Because of its size, the refrigerator can be put in several places and still have plenty of space for food. This item can be used in work and home settings because it has a large interior that holds various items.

Packing Dimensions and Weight

It takes up 2162 mm of space when packed, 766 mm when packed, and 900 mm when packed for the MBF8505GR. The main goal of these standards is to ensure that the shipping and installation processes are safe and sound. The refrigerator will be in perfect condition because it has been carefully packed to protect it from any damage during shipping and handling.

Something unique about the MBF8505GR glass door refrigerator makes it stand out from other models: it is beneficial, durable, and looks great. This device has advanced cooling technology, a stylish design that considers environmental concerns, and easy-to-use features that can be useful in both home and business settings. The MBF8505GR is the best choice for improving any home or business because it works well and is reliable.

The MBF8505GR is more than just a refrigerator, it's a complete cooling system designed to adapt to your needs. Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, it's a great addition to any space. It is durable construction and energy-efficient operation ensure it's built to last. With the MBF8505GR, you can enjoy the perfect balance of style and functionality, keeping your food and drinks at the perfect temperature, no matter the season or the occasion.

Additional Insights and Applications


Residential Use

The MBF8505GR is a home appliance that has many benefits for its users. The clean lines of its glass door and simple design make it an excellent choice for any modern kitchen. The refrigerator has a large size of 21 cubic feet, which is more than enough room for all the groceries you need. The thermostat lets you set the temperature to your liking. This device is excellent for families with young children because it defrosts food automatically and uses LED lights that use less energy.

Commercial Use

The MBF8505GR is, without a doubt, the best industrial refrigerator on the market. This product can withstand the wear and tear of being used repeatedly in busy places like convenience stores, restaurants, and bars thanks to its SUS304 solid internal walls and SUS430 door frame. To keep the best quality perishable goods, you need a cooling device that works well and accurate temperature monitoring. The mobility feature makes moving the system to fit different needs and plans easier.

Environmental Considerations

The MBF8505GR follows current environmental rules using cyclopentane as insulation and R290 as a refrigerant. These materials not only make the fridge less harmful to the environment, but they also keep things cool and insulate well. For businesses and people who care about the environment, the MBF8505GR is an excellent option to think about.

Technological Advancements

The MBF8505GR is very fast because it uses the newest technologies. It comes with a copper tube evaporator and a Dixell thermometer to ensure the correct temperature numbers. With these features, you can be sure the fridge will work well, keep the food at the right temperature, and keep perishable items safe.

Maintenance and Longevity

The MBF8505GR is not only strong, but it also does not need much upkeep. The robust door design and interior, made of SUS304 stainless steel and other high-quality parts, ensure it will look good for a long time. The automated defrosting feature reduces the need for human maintenance, and the shelves and internal surfaces are also very easy to clean, making regular maintenance very simple.

Final Thoughts

Regarding both looks and usefulness, the MBF8505GR glass door refrigerator is a truly exceptional device. These products can be used in homes and businesses because they have high-tech features and well-thought-out designs. Improving the performance and durability of the MBF8505GR will help you reach your goals, whether to make your home cooking more convenient or your business more efficient.

Investing in the MBF8505GR is a wise decision as it not only caters to your immediate needs but also provides long-term value. Its energy-saving features, robust construction, and user-friendly interface ensure that your food and beverages stay fresh for extended periods, all while reducing energy consumption and costs.

The MBF8505GR is more than just a refrigerator; it is a product that meets modern customers' many needs and wants. With cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly design, and valuable features, this refrigerator will surely be a great addition to any home. Style and usefulness come together perfectly in this fridge to meet your needs.