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Enhance Your Floral Business with the NAFCOOL GDR47'

Enhance Your Floral Business with the NAFCOOL GDR47'


Enhance Your Floral Business with the NAFCOOL GDR47'

Flowers have been seen as a sign of beauty and charm for a long time. People like these things because they are brightly coloured and smell like flowers. People know that flower arrangements can make our lives happier and more lively, whether used for special occasions or fun every day.

Flower shop owners need to ensure that the delicate items they sell stay in great shape to get new customers and keep the ones they already have.

The NAFCOOL GDR47, a chilled flower display box, would work well in this setting. This lesson examines how this innovative and practical display solution could help your business, make your flowers last longer, bring in more customers and generate more revenue.

Introduction to the NAFCOOL GDR47'

The GDR47 is a high-tech cold flower display case that NAFCOOL made to meet the specific needs of florists. Because of their innovative design and high-tech features, the flower arrangements can stay looking beautiful for a long time. This makes them the perfect place for this purpose. Now that we understand this fantastic product better let us look at why your flower shop needs it.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 47'' Width, 30'' Depth, 80'' Height
  • Model Number: GDR47''S
  • Operating Temperature: 35 degrees F
  • Shelving: 8 adjustable white, PVC-coated wire shelves
  • Lighting: LED interior lights
  • Special Features:
  • Specially designed airflow for increased flower shelf life
  • R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant for maintaining cool temperatures
  • Evaporator and condenser fan motors for consistent airflow and uniform chilling
  • Bottom-mounted refrigeration system to lift the lowest shelf to a comfortable height
  • Corrosion-resistant epoxy-coated evaporator


Purchase Options and Warranty

The NAFCOOL GDR47 has an insurance package covering the compressor and its parts for three and five years, respectively. There is a standard warranty package with the item. Customers may buy extra services or extended guarantees for extra protection for their investmentsrantees.

Enhancing Visual Appeal

Putting a labelled canopy over your flower arrangements will help them stand out. This will make your arrangements look better and help people recognise your name, leading to more people joining your business.

Benefits of the NAFCOOL GDR47'


1. Extended Flower Shelf Life

Florists have difficulty keeping flowers in perfect shape for a long time. This problem can be solved by the NAFCOOL GDR47, which uses cutting-edge airflow technology. To keep your flowers looking beautiful and fresh for longer, it is essential to keep the freezing level fixed and even throughout the display case.

2. Optimal Temperature Control

The weather has a significant effect on how long flowers can be kept. People use the NAFCOOL GDR47 to keep a wide range of flowers at their freshest. The temperature at which it works is 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Using the R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant will keep the temperature inside the display case stable and low, so your flower arrangements will stay fresh for longer.

3. Enhanced Product Visibility

How something is presented is very important in the flower business. The NAFCOOL GDR47 has built-in LED lights that will make your flowers stand out more, giving them an edge over those in the same category. Flower designs that are well-lit are more likely to be bought by customers because they look better.

4. Flexible Arrangement Options

The NAFCOOL GDR47 has eight white PVC-coated wire shelves that can be adjusted, giving you many options for arranging your flowers. The display is easy to change to fit different flower arrangements of different sizes and shapes, so each bunch is shown off in the best possible way.

5. User-Friendly Design

The bottom-mounted refrigeration system has a unique design that raises the lowest shelf to a more comfortable height, making it easier to get to the flowers. Both the staff and the customers will love this plan. Because of its ergonomic shape, this device is easier to use and less likely to damage flowers when they come into touch with it.

6. Durability and Reliability

One thing that makes the NAFCOOL GDR47 stand out is how long it lasts. The evaporator is covered with cement that does not rust so that the display case will look brand new even after much use. A three-year warranty on the parts and a five-year guarantee on the compressor give you even more peace of mind that your investment is safe. The manufacturer backs up both guarantees.


Practical Applications and Use Cases


Floral Shops

Flower shops need the NAFCOOL GDR47 more than anything else. The high-tech cooling system in this product is essential for keeping customers happy and getting them to buy again because it keeps flowers looking beautiful for a long time. LED lighting in your store can make it more appealing to customers and increase sales because the lights are easy to see and look good.

Event Planners

Often, people who plan events need many flowers that will stay fresh until the day of the event. A reliable way to make sure that beautiful flowers keep their best look when it is important is to store and show them off in the NAFCOOL GDR47. This could be very helpful if flower arrangements are a big part of your wedding, business event, or other unique event decor.

Supermarkets and Retail Stores

The NAFCOOL GDR47 is an excellent tool for flower shops and grocery stores. The growth of income and the attraction of customers are both helped by keeping flowers fresh and looking nice. It is easy to make displays that fit many different tastes and situations with shelving because it is very flexible.

Hotels and Restaurants

Put the NAFCOOL GDR47 device to work to keep flower arrangements looking friendly and healthy in places like hotels and restaurants. This improves the atmosphere and shows that the business is dedicated to quality and detail.


Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of the NAFCOOL GDR47'


Regular Maintenance

If you take care of your NAFCOOL GDR47 regularly, it will work as efficiently as possible. In addition to cleaning the shelves, it is essential to check the amounts of refrigerant and the motors that power the evaporator and condenser fans. Regular care of your display case can help keep it in good shape and make it last longer.

Proper Arrangement Techniques

Position the flowers in a way that shows off their best features to make sure that your flower designs stand out. Move the boxes around to make room for different heights and layers of flowers to grow at their best. In addition to making the flowers look better, this keeps them from dying.

Utilize the LED Lighting

By putting LED lights in the best places, you can bring out your flowers' bright colours and unique features. Using the right lights can make it much more likely that you will attract customers and get them to buy something. You can make your monitor brighter by changing the angle and brightness of the lights.

Branding and Presentation

You should use a cover from a reputable company to make your flower arrangement look better. This practice improves your general image and makes it easier for customers to remember your brand. Customers happy with your branding display are likelier to return to your store and tell others about your business.


Customer Testimonials and Success Stories

Increased Sales and Customer Traffic

Several flower shop owners have seen increased business income and the number of people visiting their shops since they bought the NAFCOOL GDR47. Maintaining the visual charm of flower arrangements that look good and are still in good shape is essential to getting new customers and keeping old ones. According to the store owner, using NAFCOOL GDR47 has dramatically affected how long their flowers last. There have been big jumps in sales and the number of people buying from you again.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The NAFCOOL GDR47 has been very important in the flower business's efforts to ensure customers are happy. By keeping flowers in the best conditions possible, it makes sure that buyers get high-quality goods that meet their needs. Someone happy with their purchase said the flowers in the bouquet they bought from a store using the NAFCOOL GDR47 lasted much longer than any other bouquet they had bought before. If I need flowers again, I will quickly return to where they belong.

Streamlined Operations

Also, florists have praised the NAFCOOL GDR47 for being valuable and easy to use. The ability to change the shelves and the refrigeration system at the bottom makes it easier to organise and get to the flowers, streamlining daily tasks and boosting efficiency.

Flowers are easy to get to and arrange. A florist said that the NAFCOOL GDR47 made their job easier. With the help of shelves that can be adjusted, it is easy to make beautiful displays where the flowers are just the right height.

The NAFCOOL GDR47 is the best way to make your flower arrangements look better and last longer. There is more to it than just a fridge. This product's wide range of features, easy-to-use interface, and well-known benefits would make it a great addition to any flower business worldwide.

If you buy the NAFCOOL GDR47, you can improve your flower business and make sure your flowers last longer. By using the NAFCOOL GDR47 to create a more appealing and energising atmosphere, you will see a significant rise in customer traffic and your restaurant's sales.

For businesses like flower shops, event planning firms, supermarkets, and hotels, the NAFCOOL GDR47 is a game-changer. Its top-notch performance and unwavering dependability are unmatched. Don't miss out on the opportunity to impress your customers with the freshness and vibrancy of just-harvested flowers. With the NAFCOOL GDR47, you can make an immediate and noticeable difference in your business.