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Elevate Your Frozen Merchandising Game with the NAFCOOL™ 68" Glass Top Display Island Freezer

Frozen Merchandising Glass Top Display Island Freezer


Elevate Your Frozen Merchandising Game with the NAFCOOL™ 68" Glass Top Display Island Freezer


1. Introduction

In order to achieve success in the frozen treat and seasonal specialities industry, it is imperative to distinguish oneself from competitors and enhance sales figures.

A practical approach to achieve this goal is to invest in top-notch display equipment that captures clients' attention and enhances the visibility and accessibility of your merchandise.

The state-of-the-art NAFCOOL 68" Glass Top Display Island Freezer is a necessary component of industrial refrigeration equipment for any firm selling frozen goods.

This freezer is poised to transform the handling of frozen items due to its expansive storage capacity, energy-efficient characteristics, and user-friendly design. It will revolutionise the game.


2. Maximized Storage Capacity

The NAFCOOL 68-inch Glass Top Display Island Freezer stands out due to several unique features, including its impressive capacity of 20 cubic feet.

Given the available storage space, businesses can offer various frozen treats and seasonal specialities, thereby giving clients numerous options.

Irrespective of your specialisation in ice cream, frozen desserts, or other frozen goods, this freezer offers ample storage capacity to guarantee that your wares are adequately stocked and conveniently accessible for purchase.


3. Efficient Auto Defrost Function

To ensure optimal efficiency of your freezer, it is crucial to maintain its most outstanding level of performance. This will help preserve the freshness of your frozen items and reduce energy costs.

The NAFCOOL 68-inch Glass Top Display Island Freezer has an automated defrost mechanism designed to simplify and facilitate both tasks.

This function guarantees the uninterrupted operation of the freezer by periodically eliminating frost buildup. This capability additionally enables the storage of more goods and reduces energy consumption, all while maintaining the freezer's characteristic frozen sensation.

Thanks to this innovative feature, manual freezer defrosting will no longer be required, making freezer maintenance effortless.


4. Mobility and Accessibility

Accessibility and user-friendliness are crucial determinants of customer satisfaction in a competitive retail setting. The NAFCOOL 68" Glass Top Display Island Freezer is designed to prioritise mobility and accessibility, allowing customers to explore and choose their desired frozen goodies effortlessly.

This freezer has four two-inch diameter casters, two of which have locking mechanisms to provide stability. This enables you to easily and quickly move the freezer to different areas of your institution, accommodating the dynamic layout requirements.

Customers will find it effortless to inspect your products and choose frozen desserts due to the presence of two sliding doors that include a curved top glass. Moreover, they will be able to select their selection easily.


5. Durable Construction

The NAFCOOL 68-inch Glass Top Display Island Freezer is built with durability in mind, specifically engineered to endure the wear and stress commonly associated with high foot traffic in commercial settings.

The exterior showcases a contemporary look that harmonises well with various interior design trends, owing to the fusion of grey plastic trim and white-coated steel. In addition, the integrated locks will protect your valuable possessions, alleviating any concerns about potential harm or theft.

Using steel for the internal walls of this industrial freezer, in conjunction with the incorporation of plastic for the door and trim frames, ensures its long-lasting durability, capable of enduring frequent usage for an extended period.


6. Baskets Included

Efficient frozen product merchandising relies heavily on a well-organized inventory, and the NAFCOOL 68" Glass Top Display Island Freezer enables this objective.

This freezer is equipped with four wire baskets, perfect for organizing similar items in a neat and easily accessible manner for clients. These baskets are great for efficiently displaying a variety of frozen desserts, novelty delights, ice cream pints, and similar products.


7. Effortless Maintenance


The NAFCOOL 68-inch Glass Top Display Island Freezer is essential for freezer maintenance. The rear defrost drain is conveniently located for easy maintenance access, making removing any collected water or ice effortless.

By doing this, you can ensure that your freezer consistently operates at its maximum efficiency, preventing the degradation of your frozen items and guaranteeing that they maintain their temperature at all times.

Due to its minimal maintenance needs, this freezer allows you to concentrate on managing your business without the inconvenience of regular maintenance tasks.


8. Warranty

At our organisation, we pride ourselves on manufacturing each NAFCOOL product to the highest standards. As a testament to this, the NAFCOOL 68-inch Glass Top Display Island Freezer comes with a warranty that covers the compressor for three years and the entire unit for five years.

This comprehensive warranty allows you to focus on your business with confidence, knowing that your investment is protected against any defects or malfunctions.

With our commitment to delivering superior products and ensuring customer satisfaction, you can trust that the NAFCOOL 68-inch Glass Top Display Island Freezer will not only meet your expectations but also boost your frozen merchandising capabilities.

If your company seeks to enhance its frozen product selection, then the NAFCOOL 68" Glass Top Display Island Freezer would be an excellent investment.

Incorporating this freezer into your organisation will yield substantial advantages, as it is user-friendly and notable for its capacious storage and energy efficiency.

By utilising the NAFCOOL 68" Glass Top Display Island Freezer, one can elevate their frozen products to an unprecedented degree. Invest in it immediately!