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Compact Merchandiser Refrigerator - Efficient Cooling for Your Space!

Merchandiser Refrigerator


Compact Merchandiser Refrigerator - Efficient Cooling for Your Space!



Outer Size: Dimensions: 22.83 x 22 x 70 inches

Temperature Range: 33-46 ºF / 0.5-8℃

Shelves: 4 adjustable shelves for flexible storage options

Cord Length: 9 ft for convenient placement

Refrigerant: R290 for an eco-friendly cooling solution

Electrical Voltage: 110-120V/60Hz

Capacity: 260L / 10 Cu ft


Efficient Cooling, Flexible Storage

If you desire a refrigerator that is efficient in saving space and adaptable for your goods, the Compact Merchandiser Refrigerator is available to aid you. This specific refrigerator is well-suited for use in various commercial settings because it is efficient and eco-friendly.


Key Features:

  1. Optimal Size and Design: The outer dimensions of 22.83 x 22 x 70 inches strike a perfect balance between compactness and storage capacity. The sleek design adds a modern touch to any space.
  2. Temperature Control: With a temperature range of 33-46 ºF (0.5-8℃), this refrigerator ensures that your products are stored at the ideal temperature for freshness and appeal.
  3. Adjustable Shelves: Organize your merchandise the way you want with 4 adjustable shelves. Whether you're showcasing beverages, snacks, or other items, the flexibility of the shelves allows for versatile product displays.
  4. Convenient Cord Length: The 9 ft cord length provides flexibility in placing the refrigerator wherever it suits your space best. No need to worry about reaching a power source; this refrigerator is designed for convenient placement.
  5. Eco-Friendly Refrigerant: The refrigerant used is R290, an environmentally friendly option that aligns with your commitment to sustainability. Enjoy efficient cooling without compromising on environmental consciousness.
  6. Electrical Efficiency: Operating at 110-120V/60Hz, this refrigerator combines power and efficiency to meet the demands of your commercial space.
  7. Moderate Capacity: With a capacity of 260L (10 Cu ft), this compact merchandiser refrigerator offers a balance between space-saving design and ample storage for your products.


Eco-Friendly Cooling

Utilising R290 refrigerant showcases environmental consciousness and guarantees efficient cooling. R290 is a prudent choice for enterprises seeking to minimise their environmental footprint, as it has a lesser environmental impact.


Versatile Applications

The compact merchandiser refrigerator is highly suitable for many retail establishments, including convenience stores, cafes, and other businesses.

Facilitate the presentation of your sandwiches, beverages, or any other items you offer to customers.

To summarise, the Compact Merchandiser Refrigerator is both a cooling apparatus and a wise financial decision for your business.

It particularly appeals to enterprises prioritising efficiency and sustainability due to its combination of features, such as optimal cooling, customisable storage, and environmentally friendly attributes.

If you are searching for a dependable and eco-friendly cooling solution that will maintain the freshness of your belongings, choose this refrigerator.

In addition to its environmental sustainability, the Compact Merchandiser Refrigerator effectively maintains a low temperature to preserve perishable items. ❄️🥪🍹