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A Comprehensive Guide to the GDR47(H) Two Section Swing Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerator

Swing Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerator


A Comprehensive Guide to the GDR47(H) Two Section Swing Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerator



Within the ever-changing realm of commercial refrigeration, there is a continuous pursuit of more efficient techniques to preserve the quality of perishable items while simultaneously prioritising their visual appeal. The GDR47(H) Two Section Swing Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerator is revolutionary as it integrates state-of-the-art technology, sustainability, and a large storage capacity. It is specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of enterprises operating in various industries. Contact us for precise paint selections.

Understanding the GDR47(H) Refrigerator:

Outer Dimensions and Construction:

The GDR47(H) will draw attention in any business environment when observed externally, owing to its dimensions of 47.2 inches by 29 inches by 79.9 inches. The durable and meticulously crafted frame guarantees long-lasting durability, while the attractive swing glass doors reveal the spacious and well-lit interior.

Temperature Precision:

Maintaining the perfect temperature is crucial for preserving the quality of diverse products. With a temperature range of 33-46 ºF (0.5-8℃), the GDR47(H) provides an optimal environment for a wide variety of beverages, perishables, and more. This precision ensures that your merchandise remains fresh and appealing to customers.

Interior Design and Shelving:

Number of Shelves and Adjustable Configuration:

The GDR47(H) showcases an interior design characterised by its efficiency and versatility. Companies may optimise their storage space by utilising the nine adjustable shelves to store their things effectively. In order to effectively store products from many industries systematically, it is crucial to have the capacity to reconfigure shelves based on specific needs.

Generous Capacity:

The capacity of this refrigerator is 38 cubic feet, allowing it to store a wide variety of products comfortably. The GDR47(H) efficiently manages inventory for various professional enterprises, such as grocery stores and gas stations.

Refrigerant and Environmental Sustainability:

Environmentally Friendly R290 Refrigerant:

Using R290 as the refrigerant in the GDR47(H) represents notable progress in an era where environmental stewardship is paramount. This environmentally friendly refrigerant benefits enterprises committed to sustainability and seeking ecologically conscious choices in their operations, as it minimises the carbon footprint.Electrical Voltage and Operational Versatility:

Reliable Electrical Voltage:

Every reputable commercial refrigerator will consistently demonstrate reliable performance. The GDR47(H) is designed to be compatible with a diverse range of corporate environments and operates on an electrical voltage of 110-120V/60Hz. Due to its versatility, it is well-suited for a diverse range of businesses, spanning from small local establishments to substantial supermarket chains.

Versatile Application and Industry Suitability:

Suitability for Different Businesses:

The versatility of the GDR47(H) allows for its potential application in numerous sectors. Due to its expansive design and accurate temperature regulation, this product is highly suitable for utilisation in grocery stores, convenience stores, delicatessens, and other retail facilities. Businesses seeking to improve their clients' shopping experiences will find the refrigerator an excellent option, as it effectively attractively displays things.

Key Features:

  1. Temperature Precision:
  • Maintains a temperature range of 33-46 ºF for optimal product preservation.
  • Suitable for a wide range of beverages and perishable items.
  1. Spacious Interior with 9 Shelves:
  • Nine adjustable shelves provide ample space for organized product placement.
  • Allows for flexible arrangement of merchandise.
  1. Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant:
  • Utilizes R290 refrigerant, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Contributes to sustainability without compromising performance.
  1. Reliable Electrical Voltage:
  • Operates on 110-120V/60Hz electrical voltage for versatile application.
  • Suitable for various commercial settings.
  1. High Capacity:
  • With a generous 38 cubic feet capacity, accommodates a substantial product range.
  • Ideal for medium to large establishments.


In fiercely competitive commercial refrigeration, the GDR47(H) offers an excellent solution for enterprises seeking the ideal combination of performance, sustainability, and adaptability.

With its advanced features, ample interior space, and strong commitment to environmental sustainability, you can trust that it will be a worthwhile investment for enhancing your merchandising efforts.

The GDR47(H) Two Section Swing Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerator will revolutionise the display and preservation of items, regardless of the size of your food shop.

This thorough manual provides organisations with detailed information on the GDR47(H) Refrigerator, enabling them to choose the most appropriate refrigeration solution.

This blog serves as a valuable repository of information, encompassing novel functionalities and ecological factors, tailored explicitly for persons seeking guidance in the expansive realm of commercial refrigeration.