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NAFCOOL™ Open Air Merchandiser Grab and Go Refrigerator Display Refrigerator

NAFCOOL™ Open Air Merchandiser Grab and Go Refrigerator Display Refrigerator


NAFCOOL™ Open Air Merchandiser Grab and Go Refrigerator Display Refrigerator



The NAFCOOL Open Air Merchandiser Grab and Go Refrigerator presentation was made to make it easier to see and keep fresh food and drinks cool. It also had to meet high standards for being energy-efficient and eco-friendly. A refrigerator is an essential part of commercial refrigeration equipment. This in-depth study aims to look into how it came to be, how it works, and what benefits it offers to food service and retail businesses.

Dimensions and Capacity

From top to bottom, the NAFCOOL fridge is 60.62 inches tall, 30.51 inches wide, and 36.42 inches long. It is about 60.62 inches tall. These specs ensure the interior has a large volume of 250 litres (8.83 cubic feet), with plenty of room to show off and store a wide range of fresh items. Fresh salads, sandwiches, desserts, and drinks are just a few things the fridge can hold without taking up too much space on the display. This is always true, no matter what you are selling or providing.

Temperature Range and Refrigerant

Within a temperature range of 35 to 44 degrees Fahrenheit (2 to 8 degrees Celsius), the NAFCOOL refrigerator keeps food that goes bad in the best conditions. This span includes a lot of different tasks, like making sure food is safe and of good quality, following the law, and meeting the specific needs of different food items.

The NAFCOOL refrigerator is a testament to our commitment to the environment. It uses R290, a hydrocarbon refrigerant that is known for its minimal impact on climate change and its non-damaging effect on the ozone layer. By choosing R290, NAFCOOL is dedicated to minimizing its environmental footprint while delivering top-notch performance.

Design and Construction

It was essential to the people who made the NAFCOOL refrigerator from the start that it would last and look good. The outside is made of cold-rolled steel with a solid black covering that does not peel off. This keeps it safe from damage and corrosion. The refrigerator's sturdy build not only makes it last longer but also looks better, making it an excellent choice for many business settings.

The interior of the NAFCOOL fridge is entirely clad in galvanized metal, a material that resists rust and is a breeze to clean. The pristine finish of a food storage facility is a testament to its cleanliness. This protective layer plays a vital role in preserving the freshness of food, ensuring it doesn't spoil before its expiration date.

Energy Efficiency

Energy saving should be a top priority for businesses that want to cut costs and have less of an impact on the environment. The NAFCOOL refrigerator has several parts that work together to save energy and keep the fridge running at its best.

The Dynamic Interior LED lighting system, an essential part of the NAFCOOLTM refrigerator, makes it even better at saving energy. Additionally, LEDs last much longer and use less energy than traditional lighting options, making them better. The NAFCOOL system uses LEDs to light up the refrigerator's items. This causes more clients to see the ad and more electricity to be used.

The NAFCOOLTM fridge is not just about energy efficiency, it's about responsible energy management. It adheres to the stringent rules of energy-related products (ErP) and green energy certified electricity (DOE), and is approved by the Energy Efficiency Approved standards. These certifications are a testament to the fridge's ability to use and manage energy effectively, ensuring it operates in an environmentally friendly manner in a business setting.

User-Friendly Features

The wide, clear front of the NAFCOOL refrigerator makes it easy to get to the things stored inside. This feature makes it easier for customers to use the product and makes it more visible. The open-front design of this product works well for stores that need to make it easy for customers to get food and drinks. This is because it makes customers more aware of what they are buying and encourages them to buy things on the spot.

Billboard graphics have a significant effect that can be shared with other people. The NAFCOOL fridge has a helpful design and has high-impact billboard patterns that can be switched out. Since the images can be changed without special tools, companies can change any promotional messages, branding elements, or product information they want. Customising the style of refrigerators is an excellent way for businesses to attract new customers and make their brand stand out. This makes the appliances more marketable.

The NAFCOOL refrigerator's top LED canopy is a standout feature that can significantly enhance a store's visibility. The bold placement of the canopy above the open front of the refrigerator easily draws people's attention. This creative improvement not only makes the fridge look better, but also makes the brand more noticeable in crowded stores. By standing out in a sea of products, the NAFCOOL refrigerator can effectively attract customers and increase sales.

Cooling System

A self-contained refrigeration device is used in the NAFCOOL refrigerator. It was carefully designed so that this system works perfectly and gives you the utmost trust. A self-contained system has three main parts: the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator. These three parts are all kept in a single small device. This design ensures consistent cooling performance and operational efficiency by reducing the work needed for installation and upkeep.

ECM Fans, Motors, and Components that can work in both directions. The NAFCOOL refrigerator is equipped with electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) fan motors that can be reversed, enhancing its cooling capabilities. These motors, operating at various speeds and consuming minimal energy, are ideal for precise airflow control in refrigerators. Over the refrigerator's lifespan, the electric control motors contribute to significant energy and cost savings by adjusting fan speeds according to the cooling requirements, a feature that will surely appeal to energy-conscious customers.

The self-cleaning condenser needs to be serviced regularly for the freezer system to work at its best. The NAFCOOL refrigerator, which has a vent that cleans itself, could be the answer to this problem. This clever design ensures that the condenser coils stay clean and free of dirt or waste. As a result, less energy is used, and heat movement is more efficient at the same time. Cleaning the condenser coils automatically improves cooling performance, extends the life of the parts, and lowers the number and severity of repair calls to the service centre. This is done by reducing the number of service calls as much as possible.

Regulatory Compliance

Companies in the food and drink business must always ensure they follow the rules set by regulators. The NAFCOOL fridge has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and the Electrical Testing Laboratories, which means it meets high standards for quality and safety.

The NAFCOOLTM refrigerator has undergone a thorough examination and received the seal of approval from the ETL. This certification ensures that the fridge meets all of North America's safety rules for electrical products. The ETL approval instils a sense of security, particularly in business settings where electrical safety is of utmost importance, making the NAFCOOLTM fridge a reliable choice.

Because it has the NSF stamp of approval, you can be sure that your NAFCOOL fridge meets the National Sanitation Foundation's (NSF) standards for cleanliness. A refrigerator must meet the standards set by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to ensure that food is stored and displayed safely and correctly. The NAFCOOL refrigerator keeps food safe and in line with regulations, so businesses do not have to worry about keeping things that go bad quickly.

Warranty and Support

As a testament to their unwavering belief in the quality and longevity of their freezers, NAFCOOL offers a comprehensive warranty package with all their product lines. The refrigerator is backed by a three-year warranty on parts and a five-year guarantee on the compressor, ensuring you are shielded from any manufacturing defects or broken parts. These assurances are not just about protecting your interests, but also about providing you with a sense of security.

Do not worry. NAFCOOL gives you the choice of more extended warranties and labour coverage, which will give you peace of mind. By adding these extra guarantees, businesses can tailor their warranties' protection to meet their specific needs and tastes. You can protect your investment in the NAFCOOL refrigerator and cut down on downtime for repairs or maintenance by picking either a complete warranty plan that covers labour costs or an extra coverage plan for parts.


The NAFCOOL Open Air Merchandiser Grab and Go Refrigerator Display Refrigerator is a versatile solution for a wide range of businesses. Whether you run a grocery store, corner store, deli, or any other food service company, this customizable item is an excellent tool to enhance product visibility, boost sales, and meet your customers' immediate needs for fresh, easily accessible food and drinks.

The NAFCOOL refrigerator is used in grocery stores and shops to display foods that go bad quickly, as well as drinks and ready-to-eat meals. It makes buying more enjoyable for customers and encourages them to buy things on the spot because the entrance is large and the LED canopy is attractive. The refrigerator is great for keeping many different things because it has much room and shelves that can be moved around. This means it can meet the needs of a wide range of customers all year.

The NAFCOOL fridge works well in gas stations and convenience shops thanks to its small size and simple design. Due to its easy access, the refrigerator's open front allows storing snacks, cold drinks, and pre-packaged meals. This feature is great for customers who move a lot. It is a cost-effective choice for small retail businesses that want to make as much money as possible without lowering the quality of their products or making their customers unhappy because it uses little energy and does not need much upkeep. This is because it only needs a little upkeep.

Several places serve various gourmet foods and have communal eating areas. Cafeterias and delicatessens often use NAFCOOL freezers to show off newly made foods like salads, sandwiches, desserts, and drinks. You can keep sensitive items at the right temperature to keep their taste and freshness by using the refrigerator's reliable cooling technology and its ability to change temperature settings. This product is great for food service companies that care about cleanliness and hygiene because it is made to last and has NSF certification.

Eco-Friendly Features


NAFCOOL's use of R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant in their refrigerator systems is a crucial part of their mission to create environmentally friendly products. The R290 refrigerant is renowned for its positive impact on the climate, boasting a low global warming potential (GWP) and virtually no ozone depletion potential (ODP).

By adopting R290 as a refrigerant, NAFCOOL is not just complying with regulations, but also leading the industry in the development of refrigeration systems that are kinder to the environment. This coolant plays an active role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making it a powerful tool in the global fight against climate change.

It uses a refrigerant safe for the earth and was made with energy efficiency in mind, so it uses as little power as possible. By using Dynamic Interior LED lighting, we can lower the energy that lights use and make it easier for customers to see our products. Refrigerators with bidirectional ECM fan motors can better control the flow of air, which means they use less energy and cool more efficiently. NAFCOOL is committed to doing business in a way that is good for the world, and using these energy-saving methods helps the company save money on costs.

The NAFCOOL Open Air Merchandiser Grab and Go Refrigerator Display Refrigerator is your business's only fridge. It works great, makes your products more visible, boosts sales, and is environmentally friendly. Its robust construction, energy-efficient design, and strict adherence to safety and hygiene rules make it suitable for use in various business settings, such as delis, cafeterias, convenience stores, and supermarkets.

With its creative features, such as an easy-to-use design, LED canopy lighting, and customisable billboard graphics, the NAFCOOL refrigerator helps businesses stand out from rivals, boost sales, and captivate customers. The NAFCOOL system sets a bar for excellent commercial refrigeration by putting long-term durability, environmental friendliness, and low cost first.

This approach helps businesses reach their goals while having less of an effect on the environment and making customers happy. Buyers and customers in the business world can find much information about the NAFCOOL refrigerator's features, benefits, uses, and environmental factors in this longer explanation.